v7.5.0 2/18/2021

โ˜˜๏ธ Small Improvements

  • New Option: terminateDatabasesAfterGenerate:

Added 'terminateDatabasesAfterGenerate' config option that terminates Firestore/RealTime Database for you after running nuxt generate to improve generate time and fix the appearing warning message. (4df37a7), closes #451

๐Ÿœ Bug Fixes

  • Firebase Config:

Made the databaseUrl optionals since newer Firebase Projects don't require it anymore (fbb4a7d), closes #458

  • Firestore:

Calling useEmulator() after enablePersistence() to fix "already started" issue that appears when using enablePersitance in combination with useEmulator (bc16b45), closes #451

โš™๏ธ Maintenance

  • Updated dependencies

Thanks to @mandalornl, @sugoidesune, @zeus3rd, @tibs245 & @buwilliams

v7.4.1 1/20/2021

๐Ÿœ Bug Fixes

  • auth: fixes build error appearing when auth.initialize is not set (71c3fb0), closes #446

Thanks to @aaharu for the bug report

v7.4.0 1/19/2021

โœจ New

  • Auth: Added onIdTokenChanged() options to auth.initialize. See Documentation here.

Thanks to @Kasonz for the feature request!

v7.3.3 1/18/2021

๐Ÿœ Bug Fixes

  • forceinject: fixed issue in lazy-mode that did not allow to initialize services in nuxt plugins (c5b5cb3), closes #366

Thanks to @uppergoal for noticing the issue

v7.3.2 1/17/2021

๐Ÿœ Bug Fixes

  • forceinject: fixed forceInject failing when ...ready() is called in a plugin in lazy mode (c15222f), closes #366

Thanks to @uppergoal for noticing the issue

v7.3.1 1/17/2021

๐Ÿœ Bug Fixes

  • lazy-mode: fixed fireModule not being injected if ready() functions are only called in V-components (3f37365), closes #366

Thanks to @ismail-fathi for the issue and @pimlie for the solution.

v7.3.0 12/28/2020

โœจ New

Thanks to @nvitaterna !

v7.2.3 12/28/2020

โ˜˜๏ธ Small Improvements

  • Module Config: Improved error logging when a key is missing from the Firebase Config.

Thanks to @azeem-r00t for PR

v7.2.2 12/23/2020

๐Ÿœ Bug Fixes

  • auth: fixed 'auth' being initialized on server-side, which lead to a memory leak in SSR mode (daa9b9e), closes #399
  • firestore-emulator: fixed issue that caused useEmulator to be triggered multiple times in SSR (ebac666), closes #390
  • messaging: fixed error with onFirebaseHosting in sw trying to load scripts from /__/ on lh (383b9cd), closes #379

Thanks to @jcmakesense and @BobbieGoede for the investigations.

v7.2.1 12/22/2020

๐Ÿœ Bug Fixes

* auth: fixed 'auth' being initialized on server-side, which lead to a memory leak in SSR mode (daa9b9e), closes #399

โš ๏ธโš ๏ธโš ๏ธ Release had a bug, please upgrade to v7.2.2. โš ๏ธโš ๏ธ

v7.2.0 12/22/2020

โœจ New

  • auth: Added "disableEmulatorWarnings" option to auth. (1de60b9), closes #415

v7.1.2 12/8/2020

๐Ÿœ Bug Fixes

Thanks to @JuanJoseGonGi

v7.1.1 11/14/2020

๐Ÿœ Bug Fixes

  • auth-ssr: In case the auth emulator is enabled, we now use the auth emulator in the auth ssr service-worker.

โ€ผ๏ธ Important: Nevertheless - Auth SSR does currently NOT work with the Auth Emulator due to issues on Firebase side which will be addressed in See also

v7.1.0 11/5/2020

โœจ New

  • Emulators: Added options (emulatorPort & emulatorHost) to connect to emulators for Firestore and RealtimeDb

v7.0.2 11/5/2020

๐Ÿœ Bug Fixes

Thanks to

  • Faizal Luthfi (@faizalluthfi)

v7.0.1 11/5/2020


  • types: added missing types (emulatorHost etc.) (2a76c6b)

Thanks to @DamianGlowala

v7.0.0 10/31/2020


Version 7 brings major breaking changes. Make sure to carefully read through the migration guide when migrate your application.

Version 7 comes with a handful of new features and some breaking changes in the naming of the $fire injections.

Check out the new Lazy mode, which allows you to load the Firebase services only where you need them. See the documentation and try it out yourself.

Version 7 also adds support for Firebase v8+ and adds the option to add the Firebase Auth

Make sure to carefully read through the migration guide when updating to this version.


โœจ New

  • Lazy Mode: add support for lazy service loading (4e96d28)
  • firebase-v8: updated code to work with Firebase v8+ (4ae48b5)
  • auth: Add emulatorPort and emulatorHost options for using a local Authentication Emulator (#356)
  • functions: added emulatorHost option to Firebase Functions (08db302)
  • auth: added initialize.subscribeManually and removed "helper" function (91ad279)
  • analytics: added check whether browser supports Firebase Analytics before init (52ec6ef)

โ˜˜๏ธ Small improvements & fixes

  • analytics: Fixed service naming issue (addd317)
  • auth: Fixed initialize (c4b203d)
  • auth-credential: fixed auth-credential import (require) (faeed48)
  • auth-serverlogin: fixed serverLogin issue (ctx.res missing) (edd1a75)
  • fireObj: fireObj was not injected in non-lazy + non-legacy mode (dc66991)
  • initauth: async import of initAuth within auth plugin (36eb8f4)
  • initAuth: Fixed mmissing options in initAuth & small lazy mode fix (8e54384)
  • legacymodeinfo: fixed error 'Cannot use 'in' operator to search for 'legacyMode' in undefined ' (0684e64)
  • loggerinfo: added module name to legyMode info log because it's not clear on multi-line log (cb85c29)
  • naming: Improved readability by consistanly naming services constants (0d62e76)
  • netlify: updated netlify.toml (26f5aa9)
  • packageejson: missing comma (a6669fc)
  • remoteconfig: fixed 'defaultConfig' being child of 'settings' instead of main obj (7e1020c)
  • static: fixed static=true also dynamically importing the modules (cf61833)
  • ts: Added ready() to $fire and added missing 'storage' (bb78d3a)
  • ts: Fixed $fire.database (6bd9df9)
  • make initAuth work again (db8a467)
  • review comments (f5265ae)
  • use existing injection name (a6971ac)
  • use service mapping (33489a1)
  • use service mapping (bd16287)

Thanks to

  • Pim (@pimlie)
  • Alexandra Moreau (@alemoreau)
  • Juan Carlos Gonzรกlez Cabrero (@malkomich)
  • Jack Mullen (@jack-mullen)

v6.1.1 7/25/2020

Bug Fixes

  • types: improve typing of locals (407eb2c)

Thanks a lot for the PR to @aaharu

v6.1.0 6/29/2020


  • analytics: added collectionEnabled option to analytics (5da8a19)

Thanks to @R3VoLuT1OneR

Bug Fixes

v6.0.0 6/7/2020

โš  Breaking Changes

  • messaging: Messaging expects payloads to be delivered according to the new HTTP v1 API, as documented in the Firebase Documentation.

If you are using the messaging.createServiceWorker option with message actions, make sure to read through the documentation again and adapt your message payload accordingly. See here for example payload.

โ˜˜๏ธ Improvements

  • firestore: added memoryOnly option to firestore (efde3fe), closes #135
  • auth: add idToken to user's payload (97d8055), closes #202
  • auth: add support (c8b6114), closes #203

v5.2.0 5/1/2020

โ˜˜๏ธ Small Improvements

  • Auth: Improved SSR support & serverSide login by adding a session manager
  • Helpers: Helpers are now exported as CommonJS modules for compatibility.

Huge thanks to @mentAl-maZe for the changes in auth.

v5.0.7 4/6/2020

๐Ÿœ Bug Fixes

  • SSR Auth: Fixed a regression bug in SSR Auth, where ssr: true did not load the ssrAuth.js plugin if no credentials were set.

v5.0.6 3/30/2020

๐Ÿœ Bug Fixes

  • SSR Auth: move ssrAuth plugin to the bottom of the module

Thanks to @mentAl-maZe for the PR.

v5.0.5 3/30/2020

๐Ÿœ Bug Fixes

  • Auth Server Login: Use plugin instead of middleware for SSR authentication to improve compatibility with custom server setups (Careful: Still experimental)

Thanks to @mentAl-maZe for the PR.

v5.0.3 3/18/2020

โ˜˜๏ธ Small Improvements

  • Service-Worker Firebase Version: The Firebase version used in the generated service-workers (auth & messaging) is now equal to your projects installed Firebase SDK Version. (firebase.SDK_VERSION)

Thanks to @bernessco for the PR

v5.0.0 3/16/2020

Version 5 brings various optimizations in the Auth module.

We moved the Auth initialization functionality out of experimental an introduced a new experimental functionality, SSR Auth Server Login.

โ€ผ๏ธ Breaking Changes - Upgrade from v4 to v5 โ€ผ๏ธ

Follow the upgrade guide here


See changelog here.

v5.0.1 3/16/2020

๐Ÿœ Bug Fixes

  • Service-worker not loaded in all cases: Fix a bug where firebase-auth-sw.js was only loaded when serverLogin === true

v5.0.2 3/16/2020

๐Ÿœ Bug Fixes

  • Cannot access SSR: Fixed a bug introduced with v5.0.0 where a missing auth in nuxt-config lead to an error

v4.0.0 2/26/2020

With v4, nuxt-fire became an official nuxt-community module. <:o)

With this, the GitHub repository as well as the NPM location package name have changed.

In addition to that, nuxt-fire was renamed to @nuxtjs/firebase, to make it clear that this is the official Firebase module for Nuxt.js.

To make it consistent, we also changed certain namings within the module, so when upgrading from v3 to v4, you will have to change the following in your code:

โ€ผ๏ธ Breaking Changes - Upgrade from v3 to v4 โ€ผ๏ธ

1 - Rename module import in nuxt.config.js

// Old
modules: ['nuxt-fire'],
// New
modules: ['@nuxtjs/firebase'],

2 - Rename module options key in nuxt.config.js

Only if options are not set directly in the modules-array:

// Old
fire: {
  // all the options
// New
firebase: {
  // all the options

3 - Rename types in tsconfig.json

Only if using typescript:

// Old
  "compilerOptions": {
    "types": ["nuxt-fire"]
// New
  "compilerOptions": {
    "types": ["@nuxtjs/firebase"]

4 - Rename Helpers import path

Only if using helpers:

// Old
import { **helperFunctionName** } from 'nuxt-fire/src/helpers'
// New
import { **helperFunctionName** } from '@nuxtjs/firebase/src/helpers'

After all these changes, don't forget to rerun npm install or yarn and restart your IDE (e.g. VSCODE), then all should be good.

v3.5.5 1/20/2020

๐Ÿœ Bug Fixes

โ˜˜๏ธ Small Improvements

  • onFirebaseHosting: onFirebaseHosting is now a global option which, once yet, is active for both the Firebase Authentication as well as the Messaging service workers.

โ€ผ๏ธ Important: If you had onFirebaseHosting defined on messaging.onFirebaseHosting, make sure to delete it there and define it directly on the nuxt-fire option object fire.onFirebaseHosting (see here).

Thanks for @zhuharev and @wandriputra for reporting the Messaging sw issue.