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Firestore: Using "array-contains" or "array-contains-any" does not work

If you are using array-contains or array-contains-any you might run into the followig error:

Function Query.where() called with invalid data. Unsupported field value: a custom Array object

This issue is not coming from this module but is specific to using Firebase together with Nuxt. You can get rid of this error message by setting runInNewContext to false like so:

// Add this to your nuxt.config.js
render: {
  bundleRenderer: {
    runInNewContext: false

How to add Firebase Polyfills?

If you want to add Firebase polyfills, you need to ceate a plugin and import the required polyfills like so:

  1. Creating /plugins/polyfills.js containing:

    // Import all polyfills
    import '@firebase/polyfill';
    // Import specific polyfills:
    import '@firebase/polyfill/node_modules/core-js/features/object/values';
  2. Add to your nuxt.config.js:

    plugins: [
    { src: '~plugins/polyfills', mode: 'client' },

Issue #307
Stack Overflow Question

How to use this module in SSR mode together with Strapi?

For Strapi to work together with this module, you need to ignore the Strapi API routes by adding them to the ignorePaths config like so:

auth: {
    ssr: {
        // ...
        ignorePaths: [ '/api/'] // or /^api\//

Issue #292

Nuxt Generate warns with "Nuxt Generate finished but did not exit"

This warning happens because either Firestore or the RealtimeDb are not terminated at the end of Nuxt Generate.

To get rid of this warning, you can terminate the services by extending the generate:done hook in your nuxt.config.js like so:

hooks: {
  generate: {
    async done(builder) {
      const appModule = await import('./.nuxt/firebase/app.js')
      const { session } = await appModule.default(
          res: null,
      try {
      } catch (e) { }
      try {
      } catch (e) { }

Issue #93

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