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Initializes Firebase Firestore and makes it available via $fire.firestore and $fireModule.firestore.

  • Type: Boolean or Object
  • Default: false
firestore: {
  memoryOnly: false, // default
  chunkName: process.env.NODE_ENV !== 'production' ? 'firebase-auth' : '[id]', // default
  enablePersistence: true,
  emulatorPort: 8080,
  emulatorHost: 'localhost',
  settings: {
    // Firestore Settings - currently only works in SPA mode


With this flag set to true, the memory-only build is loaded as mentioned here.

  • Type: Boolean or Object
  • Default: false


Enables persistence in web apps.

  • Type: Boolean or Object
  • Default: false
firestore: {
  // ...
  enablePersistence: true

// or

firestore: {
  // ...
  enablePersistence: {
     * Whether to synchronize the in-memory state of multiple tabs. Setting this
     * to 'true' in all open tabs enables shared access to local persistence,
     * shared execution of queries and latency-compensated local document updates
     * across all connected instances.
     * To enable this mode, `synchronizeTabs:true` needs to be set globally in all
     * active tabs. If omitted or set to 'false', `enablePersistence()` will fail
     * in all but the first tab.
    synchronizeTabs: true

More information here.


  • Type: Integer
  • Default: null

Sets up useEmulator("localhost", EMULATOR_PORT) to point to a Firestore emulator running locally.

More information in the official Firebase Emulator Docs.


To not use the emulator in production you can do the following:

emulatorPort: process.env.NODE_ENV === 'development' ? 8080 : undefined


  • Type: String
  • Default: localhost,

Changes the host used for the emulator. Only applies if the emulatorPort is set.


Adds settings to your Firebase initialization, e.g. host or ssl. See more here.


When using settings() in Universal mode (see this issue), you need to set runInNewContext to false in your nuxt.config.js like so:

// Add this to your nuxt.config.js
render: {
  bundleRenderer: {
    runInNewContext: false