# Usage

# General Usage

You can access the various Firebase products with $foo in almost any context using app.$foo or this.$foo, including store actions. Make sure to replace the foo with a shortcut from the table below.

Firebase products supported by this module so far:

Firebase Product Shortcut
Authentication $fireAuth
Realtime Database $fireDb
Firestore $fireStore
Storage $fireStorage
Functions $fireFunc
Messaging $fireMess
Performance $firePerf
Analytics $fireAnalytics
Remote Config $fireConfig

See Firebase's official docs for more usage information.

You can further access the objects like so:

Firebase Obj Shortcut
firebase.auth $fireAuthObj
firebase.database $fireDbObj
firebase.firestore $fireStoreObj
firebase.storage $fireStorageObj
firebase.functions $fireFuncObj
firebase.messaging $fireMessObj
firebase.performance $firePerfObj
firebase.analytics $fireAnalyticsObj
firebase.remoteConfig $fireConfigObj

# Examples

Access Firebase Authentication in a component method:

export default {
  methods: {
    async createUser() {
      try {
        await this.$fireAuth.createUserWithEmailAndPassword(
      } catch (e) {

Access Firestore and it's Object in a vuex store action:

export default {
  async randomVuexAction({ commit, state, rootState }, userId) {
    const ref = this.$fireStore.collection('users').doc(userId)
    try {
      await exerciseRef.update({
        [`randomFoo.FooFoo`]: this.$fireStoreObj.FieldValue.delete()
    } catch (e) {
      return Promise.reject(e)